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    Epic 1.2 Quest Guide:

    This guide is provided for the custom 1.0 version 2 epic weapons that scale to level 70.

    Level 45+
    Already obtained your Epic 1.0

    Proceed over to Epicurus the Freethinker in Plane of Knowledge. He is located near the door to the Guild Lobby (alternatively you can use cntrl+F to Find him).

    Hail him.

    Epicurus says: “Hello seasoned traveller, I see you’ve grown a lot since we last met. That’s a fancy epic weapon you have there. Are you [ interested ] in an upgrade?”

    Say “interested”

    Epicurus says: “Of course you are, but I can not entrust this power unto you until you’ve [ proven ] you have freed your mind of its chains.
    A slave mind wielding this power would be too dangerous to the citizens of Norrath. I can not enable that risk in good conscience.”

    Say “proven”

    Epicurus says: “A free mind has no gods, no masters. Prove to me you have none, and I will reward you with your upgrade. If you follow a deity, I require their head as proof
    you have renounced your [ god ]. If you are agnostic, I require the head of your race’s class guild [ master ].”

    Say “god” if you follow a deity. Say “master” if you are agnostic.

    If you said “god” Epicurus will say: “Visit the (your race)’s home town, and outside the gates you will find a priest. Take him this stone as an offering, and when your deity’s avatar appears to receive it, cut him down and bring me the proof.”

    You will receive “Divine Painite Gem”.

    If you said “master” Epicurus will say: “Visit your home town, find the Guildmaster Liaison outside the city gates. Hand him this emergency letter to lure the Chief Guildmaster, cut him down and bring me the proof”

    You will receive “Guildmaster Letter”.

    Bring these items to the respective NPC outside your home town (near the zone in).

    Once the deity or guildmaster has been summoned, kill it and bring the head back to Epicurus to receive your upgraded epic.