Luclin Reborn is a Serpent’s Spine era server with a max level of 70. Expansions up to Rain of Fear with a max level of 100 will be released at an indeterminate time. Releasing expansions is just one of the admin’s goals, with efforts already underway to release custom content for a fresh spin on the classics. The purpose of this server is to foster an environment for new, casual and veteran players alike.


  • 24/7 uptime
  • EXP rate: x3
  • AA rate: x9
  • Bots: Mercenary clones for grouping when your friends aren’t online (wiz/druid type can port).
  • Increased drop rate for gearing bots
  • Two accounts multiboxing permitted
  • Custom Epic 1.0 that scales to 70
  • Veteran rewards

Features to be released:

  • Custom Epics for 1.5 and 2.0 that scale
  • Classic gear enhanced for longer use
  • Custom Vendors for Market place items and Defiant non-visible gear
  • Custom Bot UI
  • Housing?

RoF2 client required

Brief Bot Guide

At level 10 you are granted access to request your first bot. From Plane of Knowledge visit the Bazaar. In the back of the stables find Aediles Thrall.

Hail him and say ‘supplies’ then hand him 10 plat. You receive your first bot flag. Type ‘#bot help create’ to see an ID reference.

To create your first bot type ‘^create [name] [class ID] [race ID] [gender ID]’.

Example: ‘^create Bob 1 1 0’ creates a Male Human Warrior named Bob.

Next, to spawn the bot enter the command ‘^bot spawn Bob’.

Target Bob and type ‘/invite’ and he will join your group.

Type ‘^help’ for a complete bot command list.

Return at level 20 to request your 2nd bot flag for 20 plat. 3rd at level 30 for 30 plat, 4th at level 45 for 40 plat, 5th at level 50 for 50 plat, and 6th-10th at level 65 for 1000 plat each.

Preview of Custom Epics 1.2