Check out our forums for Everquest for a custom patcher. This patcher will allow you to use the custom content on our server we are privately fixing AAs and spells to current max level of 70. We have all our epics with 1.0 version 2. This new epic can be obtained in PoK via a quest from the npc near guild lobby entrance. This quest requires the 1.0 epic and this new epic allows a scalable stat epic that is max level 70. This new epic allows the epic 1.0 effects to scale up to 70 making them useful even at max level.

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  • William Burton
    September 6, 2021 at 6:10 pm Reply
    Excited by what I read at the eqemu list website about Luclin Reborn. Started a necro but everytime I try to cast a spell with full mana, all mana disappears and I the spell fails. Also the tutorial turn in to Arias to get a charm failed to work also. Hoping to hear from you. :-)

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